Preço do Xbox Game Pass vai aumentar no Brasil; veja novos valores

One of the most popular services in the world of video games, Xbox Game Pass, is about to undergo a price adjustment. According to Microsoft, both the Ultimate subscription and the standard version of the service for consoles will have a price increase in Brazil from July 6th. As informed by Microsoft, the standard subscription will go from R$29.99 per month to R$32.99, while the Ultimate version will no longer cost R$44.99 and will be sold for R$49.99.

This change represents a 13% increase in monthly and quarterly subscription prices, and is not restricted to Brazil. The increase will be applied in several other countries, marking the first global price increase for Xbox Game Pass.

In a statement sent to The Verge, Microsoft justified the price increase on its game library subscription service, emphasizing that the change is not related to the Activision Blizzard acquisition process, which is still ongoing.

"We have adjusted prices to reflect the competitive conditions in each market after keeping our console prices unchanged for many years. These Game Pass price adjustments are unrelated to the Activision Blizzard agreement and are intended to match market conditions local", declared the company.

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Xbox price increase

In addition to the readjustment in the game library subscription service, there was also an increase in the price of the Xbox Series X in some markets. However, at least for now, Brazilian players will not be affected by this change.

In Europe, for example, the console had a considerable increase, going from 499.99 euros to 549.99 euros. In Canada, consumers will also feel the impact of the increase, as the price of the device rose from C$549.99 to C$649.99.

As for the Xbox Series S, which is the entry-level version of Microsoft's new generation, there will be no price adjustments, at least for now. In the Brazilian market, the price of the Xbox Series X varies between R$4,200 and R$4,600, while the Xbox Series S is usually sold for around R$2,000.


Microsoft wasn't the only company in the gaming industry to make major announcements in recent days. Its main competitor, Sony, also revealed information about its next console, the PS6.

According to Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Kim Ryan, the company will not share details about the PS6 with

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